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Got Tricks?

List Of Tricks

List Of Tricks
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Basic Commands1:

Basic Command2:

Easy Trick 1:

Easy Trick 2:

Easy Trick 3:

  • Circle Me
  • Clean Your Face/ Shy 
  • Roll Over
  • Show Me your Belly
  • Cross your Paws


  • Play Dead
  • Take a Bow
  • Say Your Prayer
  • Dance (on hind legs)


Advance Tricks:

  • Figure8
  • Around me (Stand on hind legs and go around human)
  • Tidy your toys
  • Go around human walking backwards
  • Weave Leg


Advance Tricks 2:

  • Backward Weave Leg
  • Stand on hind legs and go around human backwards
  • Doing Figure 8 in backwards


  • Fetch
  • Go to "insert spot"
  • Side

Other trick ideas include:

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All materials on this site is strictly for pawsonal Group use ONLY. Please Feel free to print out the learning instructions & tips but please do NOT share the info with a third party. Thank you so much for your attention.