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To learn how to Jump Over A Stick:

Step 1: Find a Stick. (A broom stick will be fine) and prepare some treats.
Step 2: Begin by putting the stick a few inches above the floor. Stay at one end of the stick and have your dog stay on one side of the stick.
Step 3: Hold a treat and lure your dog to go over the stick (to the other side of the stick).
Step 4: The moment your dog dog jumps over the stick, say the word JUMP.
Step 5: Practice several jumps, and  gradually increase the height of the stick from the ground. You may ask your dog to jump over your arms.




Things to be aware of:
1) You should not ask your young puppy to practicing jumping over a stick/arm that is placed high above the ground. Your puppy is not fully grown yet and doing so may cause him harm.
2) Make sure that the place you ask your dog to jump is safe and not slippery
3) don't put the stick too stable. If you dog can't jump over the stick, he'd get hurt knocking over the stick
4) Only increase the jumping height gradually

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