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Clicker Training

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Clicker Training
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To Begin, you have to:
1) Select your dog's Primary Reinforcer.
2) Load the Clicker
3) Practice the Name Game
4) Catch a Behavior

A Primary Reinforcer can be treat(food), toys, praises, or play.

To Load the Clicker:
1. Hold the clicker in your hand. If you are right-handed, hold the clicker in your left hand and a treat on your right hand.
2. Sit next to your dog, Click the clicker and give him a treat. It doesn't matter what your dog is doing. In the beginining, you just want your dog to associate the clicking sound to a treat.
- Do not talk to your dog when practicing. It will confuse your dog.
- Click randomly
- You don't have to praise your dog after the Click

The Above information is from the handouts from Petsmart.

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All materials on this site is strictly for pawsonal Group use ONLY. Please Feel free to print out the learning instructions & tips but please do NOT share the info with a third party. Thank you so much for your attention.