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Step 1 :Begin by having your dog in his standing position (standing on all 4 legs). You may put him on a leash for easier control.

Step 2: Hold a treat in between your thumb and index fingers in front of your dog's nose. Slowly move your hand holding the treat from your dog's nose to above your dog's head (towards his back).
As you moves your hand over your dog's head, flip your hand so that your palm will be facing you- that can be the hand signal.

Step 3: As you move the treat above your dog's head, your dog would  move his nose towards the treat and his butt will touch the ground. The SECOND your dog's butt touches the ground, say the word "SIT" and then give him the treat. Practice this several times.

As your dog gets better, you'd be able to use only the hand signal/ voice cue or both to tell your dog to sit without holding a treat to lure him. Wait for a few seconds before you give your dog a treat so that he can hold the sit position longer.

The Hand Signal For Sit:
Is holding your hand up (like a fist) with your palm facing towads yourself and the back of your hand towards your dog.

When you move the treat above & behind you dog's head from his nose, he may attempt to jump up if you hold the treat too high.

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