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Step 1: Place a tasty treat (something really stinky) in a dish on the floor.

Step 2: With the dog on leash, walk past the dish with a few feet between the dog and the dish.

Step 3: When the dog looks at the dish say "Leave it" in a high pitched & excited voice.

Step 4:  As soon as the dog looks at you or averts its attention from the dish, click and reward. Big-ish chunks of treat are good for this because the dog needs to be convinced that they are getting something BETTER for ignoring the dish than they would be getting for ignoring the command and investigating the dish. ie. The pay-off needs to be huge! BOL

P.S. It may be necessary to gently tug the leash or walk away from the dish to get the dogs' attention for the first few times.

Step 5: Gradually get closer to the dish as the dog gets use to the command. After a few sessions, you can start placing the food directly on the floor, or exchanging the food for new and interesting objects. "Leave it" should apply to anything that you want the dog to stay away from.

The above info is provided by Gio FM, edited by Mini

Gio FM

Until the dog knows the command solidly, ALWAYS reward when the dog "leaves it". Otherwise they will start to think that disobeying the command is a better option than obeying it.

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