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Method 1:
Step 1
:Have your dog on his leash. Begin with your dog in his sitting position

Step 2: Hold a treat in between your thumb and index fingers in front of your dog's nose. Slowly move the treat downwards and hold it in between his paws. 

Step 3: As your dog's nose follows the treat, move the treat forward from his paws.

Step 4: your dog will lay down to get to the treat. The very second he lays down, say the word "DOWN" and give him the treat.

Method 2: (Great for dogs with shorter legs)
Dogs with shorter legs be taught the opposite way.
Step 1:  Have your dog in sit position, on leash.

Step 2: Hold a treat in your hand and move the treat towards your dog's chest. At the same time,  put your hand on your dog's back and gently have them "slide" into a down. 

This method doesn't work for larger breeds (because larger dog's backs are diagnol when sitting) but for doxies are backs pretty much stay straight. So the "push" makes the front leg of a dog with shorter legs slide from underneath them

Method 2 is provided by a Doxie, edited by Mini

The Hand Signal for "DOWN" is:
Pointing your index finger towards the ground (with palm facing you)

Tips for Methid 1:
Think of it as moving the treat from your dog's nose like a "J" shape.
Remember to move the treat slowly otherwise your dog will get up and walk towards the treat instead of laying down.

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