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Your dog has to know how to COME to you and the command WAIT before learning these 2 commands. (these 2 commands usually go together)

To learn the command FRONT:
Step 1: Put your dog to a sit or down position and tell him to WAIT
Step 2: Walk a few feet away from him. Stop, turn and face him.
Step 3: Call your dog to come to you. As he come and is right in front of you, ask him to see (using only the hand signal is recommended). The moment he sits on the ground, say the word "FRONT"

To learn the command FINISH:
Step 1: Hold a treat in your right hand and one treat in your left hand. when your dog is sitting right in front of you (facing you).
Step 2: If you are right-handed, lure your dog with your right hand to go around you (via your right side and towards your back)
Step 3: When your dog teaches your back, reach your left hand that is holding a treat towards your back. Put the treat right in front of his nose and lure him to go to your left side (facing the front).
Step 4: When your dog is on your left side, ask him to SIT (so that he'd be sitting facing the front, right next to your left leg). The moment your dog sits down, say the word "FINISH".
Step 5: Practice several times. At first your dog may keep his attention to the treat on your right hand but after practice several times, he'd follow his nose to the treat on your left hand.

For fast learners, you can practice FRONT and FINISH with your dog at the same time.

Is the movement where your dog comes and sits right in front of you.

Is the movement where your dog goes and sit by your left side by walking around you behind you.

Usually both commands are used TOGETHER.

When asking your dog to do FINISH right after FRONT, wait until your dog sits properly first before ask him to do finish otherwise he'd skip the step of sitting in front of you (FRONT).

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All materials on this site is strictly for pawsonal Group use ONLY. Please Feel free to print out the learning instructions & tips but please do NOT share the info with a third party. Thank you so much for your attention.