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Teaching your dog this command helps to train him to pay attention to you.

Step 1: Have your dog sit in front of you.

Step 2: Hold a treat using your 2 fingers and put it next to your eyes, call your dog's name.

Step 3: The second your dog looks at you (your eyes or your face), Click the clicker OR skip the clicker and say "WATCH ME", give your dog a treat.

Step 4:
When your dog looked away, hold a treat near your eyes again and call your dog's name again, and when he looks at you, Click OR say the word Watch me. Practice and Practice. As you practice, you may notice that your dog looks at you and ask for more treats. Reward that behavior.

Step 5:
As your dog gets better with the command, you may only point at your eyes and say WATCH ME.

Step 6:
Keep practicing. Increase the length of time of you dog to look at you by gradually adding more time you put your finger next to your eyes before you give your dog the treat.

Hand Signal:
Pointing your finger next to your eyes (point at the outer corner of your right eye or left eye depending if you are right or left-handed)

If you are practicing this command in an environment with distractions, you can hold a treat in your fingers and put it in front of your dog's nose to get his attention first, then, hold the treat next to your eyes. Remember to always call you dog's name first, before telling him to "watch me"

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