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Head Down

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Your dog needs to know a "down" before you can learn this trick.

Step 1: With the dog in a down position, place a treat in your hand and lure the dogs' head until it is touching the ground. You may need to move the treat away from the dogs' body so as to get them to lower their head instead of just reaching down for the treat. Say "head down".

Step 2: Click and reward when the dogs' head gets close to the ground.

Step 3:
Continue doing this, gradually requiring the dog to lay its head closer to the ground before getting a treat. Eventually you can require that the dog lay its head down and leave it there for a while before treating.

Step 4:
Once they get the idea of "head down", you can give the command while the dog is standing or sitting, tapping your lap, a chair, the bed, etc. and asking the dog to put its "head down" on that object.

The above info is provided by Gio FM.

Hand Signal:
The movement of tapping your hand (Have your palm facing downwards and move it like you are tapping something)

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