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Cross your Paws

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Method A:
Your dog has to know how to DOWN & SHAKE (PAW)

Step 1: Put your dog in a down position facing you.

Step 2: Ask your dog to shake his paws (his right paw) by extending your palm to him. Give him a treat. Practice a few times doing the shake in his down position.

Step 3:
Now, gradually move your palm towards his left side (in front of his left paw). Remember, you have to do this slowly otherwise your dog may think that you are asking him to shake with his left paw. Remember to Click and Treat each time he extends his paw out.

Step 4: As your practice, your dog may be able to cross his front paws without him even noticing it. Click and treat. You can introduce the voice cue anytime you want. (if you add voice cue, you can either CLICK first, and say the voice cue and treat OR replace the clicker with voice cue, and treat) 

Method B:
Instead of asking your dog to SHAKE, you can mold his behavior. You are put him in a down position, move his right front paw on his left paw, click and treat.

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