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Hi Everyone,

To make learning more fun, the dogster group GOT TRICKS??? is going to have a series of Trick Photo Contest. Each week, group members would be asked to learn a specific command/trick and have a photo contest on that trick. The trick/ command will get harder each week and if you don't know how to do the trick, you can post in our group forum to ask for learning tips.

Things going to be judged on:
- Attitude of the dog/ how well is the trick shown (60%)
- Progress of learning (20%)
- Picture quality (background, clearness/brightness) (20%)

Winners & Prizes:
- the # of winners depends on the # of participants.
- There will be roughly 1 winner for every 10 participants.
For instance if there are 9 participants, there will be only ONE winner
If there are 34 participants, there will be 3 winners (1st Place, 2nd Place, 3rd Place)
- Winners will receive 1 to 5 Rosettes (and/or bones)
- All of the winning pictures will be featured in our group's website. The 1st Place Winner's winning picture will also be featured on our group page!

How to enter?
1. Upload your photo on your dogster page.
2. Put a tag on the uploaded photo.
(e.g. If featured trick of the week is SIT, so tag your photo: I GOT TRICKS - Sit .
If feature trick of the week is BOW, tag your photo: I GOT TRICKS - Bow)
All you need to know is what is the tag of the week. The tags are different every week. Remember to COPY & PASTE the corect tag to get the EXACTLY the SAME. There is a space in front of "-" and after "-".
You have to have the picture uploaded on dogster to tag it. For details of how to upload a photo on dogster, please continue to read our FAQ.
3. The due date of each contest will be the date listed on the GROUP EVENTS.
(that date is not the starting date of the contest. It's the END date!) Most of the time, our contest ends on Sunday at 11:45 pm PST.


1. You have to be a group member to enter. Our group is open to any pups so entering is as easy as pressing a few buttons.
2. ONLY ONE ENTRY per pup. (A family with 3 dogs can enter 1 pic each for each dogs)
3. No photo edits allowed. Things allowed: Photo Cropping, adding your name in the picture, Changing the brightness of pic & removing red-eye.
4. It doesn't have to be a recent taken picture.

Frequency of the Contests:
We will have photo contests approximately every week featuring different tricks! As the tricks get more difficult, we will have video contests. So pay attention to our group, hurry up, learn the tricks and have you mom/ dad get the camera ready!
Remember, if you have any trouble learning any tricks, you are ALWAYS welcome to post it in the group forum and ask us!

How to upload a picture?
Go to MY ACCOUNT>>>> Go to MANAGE PHOTOS>>>> Go to ADD MORE PHOTOS>>>>>Attach selected pic.
You can also put the photo tag at this time in the PHOTO KEYWORDS.

(Non-Plus Dogster member can only upload 10 pictures on their page. So if you already have 10 pictures, you'd have to delete one to upload a picture for the contest.)

How to tag your already uploaded photo?
Go to MY ACCOUNT>>>> Go to MANAGE PHOTOS>>>> Find your uploaded picture>>>>Copy & Paste or Type in the Photo tag in TAGS.

How To Check if you have entered our Contest Correctly/ How To Search for pics using photo tags?
Click on SEARCH PHOTO TAGS on the left boarder of dogster page. You should find it under Quick Search.
To check if you have entered our trick photo contest by correctly tagged your photo, 1) COPY & PASTE the tag in the search. 2) Select order by NEWEST FIRST 3) Select YES for Exact Match.

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All materials on this site is strictly for pawsonal Group use ONLY. Please Feel free to print out the learning instructions & tips but please do NOT share the info with a third party. Thank you so much for your attention.